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How to Give the Best Ever Valentine’s Gift for Her

Valentine’s Day can be a bit intimidating, whether you’re new to the relationship, been dating for several years, or married to your special someone. There is a lot of hype that surrounds this annual celebration, leaving many men in particular, suffering under the strain of finding the best Valentine gift for her. Don’t dismay, because we’re here to offer you our help, at this stressful time of year. While your other half may be saying that Valentine’s Day isn’t really that important, take this comment with a pinch of salt. Of course it’s important that you express your love for her as often as possible, but V Day does have a certain romantic significance. Follow our 5 simple steps, and you’ll be well on the way to finding a perfect Valentine gift for her.

Don’t Hesitate – Take Action

best valentines gifts for herIt might seem that Valentine’s Day is months away, but before you know it it’ll be knocking on your door. As with most gifts the more thought you put in the greater the reward both for you and the gift receiver. You might be the sort that can execute gift giving successfully with very little forethought, but for most finding the ideal present requires a lot of careful preparation and consideration. Leaving your Valentine’s gift until the last minute will mean you’re forced to pick up something from the local shop on the way home from work. And the only thing you’ll be able to find are cards that nobody wanted, flowers that are well past their sell by date and a bog standard box of chocolates. Probably not a very good choice for the love of your life.

Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

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Think About What Has Made Her Happy in the Past

If you take a moment to think back over previous occasions that have called for the giving of a gift, you’ll be sure to get a good idea of what will make your wife or girlfriend smile. And there will likely be some candidates that go down in the “really not a good gift idea” category. Gifts can fall into one of several categories: physical, acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time and simple gifts. Pick the right one and you’ll be on to a winner every time. Here’s a few examples for each category:

  • Words of affirmation – a card that says how much you care and why she means so much to you.
  • Acts of service – clean the house or wash her car.
  • Physical – lots and lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles.
  • Quality time – the undivided attention of the most important man in her life, you!

Be Imaginative and Inventive

Time to get your creative juices flowing, and come up with a gift that she’s never had or received before. One sure fire way to make this Valentine’s Day something that’s worth remembering. There’s lots of inspiration available, round every corner. Bear in mind something that she might have mentioned she’d love to do such as parachute jumping, learning how to scuba dive or driving a supercar. And whether there are any hobbies you can tie in with the gift.Think hard and you’re bound to come up with something unique.

Time to Boost Your Very Own Love Drug

It’s a well known fact that time changes feelings and none more so than those involved in a relationship. Different chemicals are produced by your body when you first meet, to those that are released when your relationship is getting on in years. Just because that butterflies in your stomach and fluttering heartbeat feeling hasn’t been felt in a while, doesn’t mean it long forgotten. This Valentine’s Day try a new experience, or visit someplace new. Take up a new and exciting hobby together, and you’ll be surprised how it makes you both feel. Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her will be something new that you can enjoy together, and help to reignite the spark you felt when you first met.

Their Personal Taste is What Will Count

And spending a certain amount of time analysing what they are. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money, but take her values and thoughts into consideration before forking out any cash. Think about what is happening in her life at the moment, whether she is stressed out at work, if the kids are getting her down and she could do with a break, what favourite style of fashion is she wanting to take on board. If you’ve recently had a new addition to the family, a well earned break with time to wind down will definitely feature in the top ten Valentine’ gifts for her.

Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – Whatever Stage You’re At

Just because the women in your life is now your wife, it doesn’t make gift buying any easier. In fact it becomes a little harder, with each year that passes. What would have been perfect when you’re only a few weeks or months into the relationship, will likely not hold up to the test of time. Let’s give you a quick guide for different stages in your relationship, from the fresh and new to years as man and wife.
Usual first Valentine’s gifts consist of flowers, chocolates, candy or perfume. Pretty safe bet here, there’s not much that can go wrong, and you won’t be investing too much of your cash in an uncertain future.
Silk scarves and shawls do well for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her, when you’ve been dating for up to 6 months.
From 6 months to 1 year, you really haven’t learnt all there is to know about her, so jewellery might be a risky purchase. But how about a elegant box, to house any future presents she receives?
1 to 2 years and you’ll likely be a little bit more confident when it comes to jewellery purchases. Eternity Rose have an excellent line in jewellery sets, and for future years, a gold dipped Eternity Rose.
When you’ve been together for 3 or more years, your Valentine’s gifts should convey your feelings, and that she is the one and only woman in your world.

When Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, follow our helpful hints and tips, and together we’ll make the next one truly memorable, not just for her, but for you too!