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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her That are Creative

Well you’ve gone and done it again. Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, and you still haven’t found the right gift for her. If you don’t want to resort to the usual flowers and chocolate, and are quite frankly tired of eating at the same restaurant, you’re going to have to get your creative hat on and make something yourself. Creative gifts however, shouldn’t just be an option if you’re running out of time. Making something yourself is going to make her feel really special. As this day for lover’s isn’t all about spending money, it’s about showing your significant other how much you care. And if you’ve gone to the effort of making the gift yourself, then you’re definitely onto a winner.

Message in a Bottle

valentine message bottle
This is a relatively easy Valentine’s gift to make, and for the message? Well it’s entirely up to you what you write. Compose a love poem, tell her all the things you love about her, or simply write “I love you”. Find an attractive and unusually shaped bottle, and jazz it up with some hearts and red ribbon. Inside you can put some shells and sand, or lots of heart-shaped glitter. Pop your message inside, and voila. A thoughtful and creative handmade gift.

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

If your lady is a bit of a tea lover, make her morning cuppa memorable with some heart shaped tea bags, you’ve created yourself. It’s pretty simple, and only a little bit of sewing is required. See if you can get some loose tea leaves that you know she’ll like, and she’ll realise that you love her.

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An Instagram Photo Book

You’re sure to be one of her followers on Instagram, so download and print some of her memorable pictures. Dress them up by giving them to her in a homemade scrapbook. Decorate the cover in a way you think she’d like, and tie it closed with some red ribbon.

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Bake her some romantic cupcakes this Valentine’s Day. You might not consider yourself one of the best bakers in the world, but cupcakes are easy. It’s in the decoration department you might come a bit unstuck. But with a little bit of practice beforehand, you’re going to come up trumps.

Decorate a Mug

Bet you didn’t realise you could get specialised pens and paints for decorating mugs. Just nip out to the store and buy a plain white one, and then get creative with your design. To make the design dishwasher proof you’ll have to bake it in the oven for a short time. You could even decorate two, one for her and a matching one for your.

A Date Night Jar

This is a great idea because it means she’ll enjoy her Valentine’s Day gift right throughout the year. Fill a cute little jar full of notes that promise to take her somewhere special or do something different for a date. It could be an evening at the movies, dinner on the river, skydiving, walk in the park, or simply a seaside picnic. Think about all the things you know she’d love to do together, and just write them down.

Candle Holder

Mason jars are pretty versatile when it comes to making creative gifts. We’ve already given details of a few ways they can be used, but they also make great candle holders. Cut out some romantic shapes to stick inside the jar, and then all you need to add is a red candle.

Letters to Open on Special Occasions

We know you say you love her every time you can, but what about those moments when she’s feeling blue, or down and you’re not around. For these moments and other times when she just needs a hug, write her a series of love letters. Mark the envelopes with the occasions they might come in handy, and this is another gift that’s going to last longer than a day.

A Gift Hamper

Full of all the little things she adores of course. You can buy this kind of gift already made up, but you’ll be able to make it much more relevant and personal if you make one yourself. Fill it with her favorite candy, chocolates, wine, beauty products, DVDs and music.

Creative Valentine’s Gifts for Her will Always Score Big

Valentine’s Day is the one special day in the year when you don’t have to be afraid to be romantic. It’s a day for people to show their love and affection for their significant other half. Making a gift yourself and being creative is far better than handing over your hard earned cash for something you chose online or at the store. You might not think that your efforts are worthy of giving to your beloved, but you’ve made it yourself which knocks all the other options into touch.

This Valentine’s Day show your special lady how much you care by making something with your own fair hands.