Gold rose

Valentine’s Day Flowers – Replace Them With An Eternal Gold Rose!

Valentine’s day, February 14, is the day you want to show your sweetheart just how much you love her. If you have been with your significant other for a while, it is likely that you have bought her flowers many times, and hopefully not just when you want something or when times get tough! Giving her flowers just because you want to, and not just because there’s an annual date that needs to be celebrated, or because you are making amends, creates a happy association with flowers, but with Valentine’s Day, you want to make even more of an effort.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

paint roseRed roses are classic Valentine’s Day gifts, but if you want to impress your sweetheart with something a little different, consider lilies with fern leaves (though not orange lilies that symbolise hatred and pride), a mixed bouquet or wild-flowers. Stargazer lilies smell wonderful, though their stamens leave a bright yellow stain on everything they touch. If you want a more long-lasting floral gift, consider potted daffodils, tulips or orchids. Daffodils and tulips are easier to care for than high-maintenance orchids. Many flowers are symbolic, so be careful with what your significant other may read into your choices of blooms as there are some you should never include as not all flowers have good meanings. Whilst Aconite is a pretty flower its meaning is hatred and caution. When choosing wild-flowers, don’t include butterfly weed, which literally means ‘leave me’. White carnations represent pure love and sweetness and with red carnations make a pretty bouquet, but leave yellow carnations out of your Valentine’s Day gift arrangement as they symbolise rejection and contempt. Finally, the petunia whilst a striking flower, symbolises resentment and anger. While many do not care what the meaning behind your flowers are and consider only the look or the scent, some people do consider the message behind the flowers, so bear this in mind. If you regularly gift your lover flowers, you want your Valentine’s Day gift to be extra special. Send flowers to her place of work. If you can, deliver the flowers yourself when you drop in on her lunch break. If you live together, get flowers and arrange them in a vase. Make any excuse to get to the florist – you need some milk, bread, pick up the dry-cleaning, wine for later… it’s up to you. Put them where she won’t notice straight away. When she does find them, the surprise will add to her delight. One note of warning: nothing says ‘I couldn’t be bothered’ quite like a bunch of flowers from the local garage. If you really want to make an impression, buy from an online florist. If you do choose to adhere to the tradition of red roses, once they are past their prime, but before they wilt and dry out, take off all the petals and scatter them around the bedroom. To complete the romantic picture, light some candles and put on some mood music. Roses are edible and said to be an aphrodisiac, so place a petal in each of two flutes of prosecco and prolong your Valentine’s romance.

Eternal Gold Rose

unique-vase-gift-for-womenValentine’s Day may be a florists dream, but sadly, within a week or fortnight at most, your beloved’s flowers will have faded and died and be on the compost heap or in a bin. Whilst the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers are red roses, with the symbolism of love and passion, it’s a bit sad that your gift only lasts such a short time. To show your love is eternal, the prefect Valentine’s gift must be an eternal rose. An eternal gold rose adds a gold richness and warmth to a uniquely preserved genuine rose that will last a lifetime. Whilst a single rose on it’s own means “I love you”, the addition of gold adds another dimension as it is associated with higher values, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. Gold is also said to inspire knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul. A simply perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her, a natural rose picked at the peak of its beauty that is then dipped into pure twenty-four karat gold for a brilliant and lustrous mirror finish will symbolise your love and be kept as an artistic and unique symbol of your love and friendship that will last a lifetime and can become a family heirloom. This is one of the best Valentine’s Day flowers, particularly for those celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary, symbolised by gold, the same year. A lady delights in feeling like she is the most special person in the world, so why not show her just how much she means to you by giving her a gift that is as romantic as it is beautiful. An Eternal Gold rose is both flower and ornament that embodies all the elements of true romance, loving sentiments, and deepest respect.