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Awesome Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Whether you’re married or engaged, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion that can be used to show your beloved how much you care. Make the day a memorable one with gifts, love and romance. A common complaint from women about their men is that they’re not really very romantic. Well V Day is the chance to show how wrong she actually is. You may be wondering about the advantages of giving your wife romantic gifts, and apart from setting the mood for love, romance and possibly even some entertainment in the bed (if you get what we mean), it will also help to improve your relationship.
valentines gift for your wifeAsk any woman and she will likely admit that she is a great romantic, and you’ll spot the tell tale sign of a sparkle in her eyes, when you give her your romantic gifts. It’s highly unlikely that she will be impressed by the price tag. What will matter most is the feeling behind whatever is given. Deep down women are just sentimental creatures. Play to this side of her and any Valentine Day gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend will achieve the desired effect. Some experts say that falling in love is easy, it’s the staying in love that is more difficult to achieve. Life can be very unkind to relationships, and it’s easy to become distracted by everyday events, and lose sight of what’s really important. Gift giving is a great way to keep the love alive, and finding the right gift and giving it at the most opportune moment is only going to do positive things.
If you’re wondering what would be the perfect present read on for some Valentine gift ideas for that special woman in your life.

Great Romantic Gift Ideas for that Certain Special Female

When asked most women will fall into 3 categories, when it comes to the type of presents they prefer to receive: surprises, sentimental or sexy. It really is that simple. Gain an understanding of which one applies to your significant other half, and you’re well on the way to present giving success. One of the best gifts of all is to give your wife your undivided attention. No answering the phone, sending text messages, reading emails or answering the door. Better still leave your mobile at home and take her out for the day. If Valentine Day gift ideas for the wife are still a bit of mystery here’s a few ideas you can use to try and woo her, all over again.

Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

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There possibly isn’t a female on the planet who won’t be impressed with some silk lingerie. You can even kill two birds with one stone here, because this sort of gift is only going to benefit you as well. She will love the feel of silk against her skin, and you’ll get pleasure from seeing her wearing it.


Women love being given flowers, there’s few that would deny this fact. Flowers can also be used to convey meaning, more so than many poorly chosen words. If you speak with your local florist, they will likely be able to give you some advice, depending on the feeling you want to convey. However flowers are not very long lasting, and would be better not to be used a stand alone gift. Alternatively if it’s flowers you want then how about a rose from Eternity Rose. A single natural bloom is dipped in a precious metal, making it’s beauty last forever.


Heart pendants and rings will be a great hit with your wife as a Valentine gift, and there are plenty of online stores where you purchase them, as well as high street jewelry stores. Gold, silver or platinum, all will be received with pleasure from the women you love. Don’t make the mistake of going with fake jewelry because your budget is limited. If you can’t afford 24K then consider 14K or silver.


Always a winner, because women are big lovers of chocolate. The gift of chocolate also gives you the opportunity to be extravagant or to choose something simpler. You could even get the chocolates personalised to make them even more special.

These ideas are just meant to be used as a guideline, because as we all know everyone is different. If this wasn’t so, what a boring world we would live in indeed. There are hundreds, possibly even thousands, of Valentine gift ideas for women to choose from. Your choice will very much depend on her likes and dislikes, and the feelings that you want to convey.

How Your Wife Wants to Feel on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the ideal opportunity to show your wife, girlfriend or partner how much you love her, but did you realise that there are other feelings she’d love to understand and experience on this special day.

  • Appreciated – your wife will want to feel appreciated for all that she does, whether it’s making your coffee in the morning, taking care of the kids while you’re busy at work, or because she’s stayed with you through thick and thin.
  • Importance – that special woman in your life will want to feel that she is the most important person to you, no other even comes close. She will want to feel that she is your soulmate and together you make one.
  • Intimacy – aside from romance, intimacy is a very important aspect for a successful relationship. You might think cuddling, hugging and kissing are a bit soppy or corney, but you can bet your bottom dollar your wife will not think the same.
  • Attention – give your wife the attention she deserves, and listen to all that she is saying. She might be just voicing her opinion, or commenting on the mundane things that make up the daily grind, but pay attention to everything she has to say.

This Valentine’s Day do something a little different. Make it a day just for you and her, away from the drudgery and complications of your daily routine. Give yourselves the opportunity to rekindle the spark you first enjoyed, and this day will be the beginning of another year together – enjoying each others company and experiencing the love you share.