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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women Under $100

As we all know, the traditional and most common gifts for Valentines day are a bouquet of roses and box of heart shaped chocolates. Over time, adding to this list of Valentine’s Day gifts for the woman in your life is jewelry, perfume, apparel, accessories and more. Presenting a gift to you lover doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Here we provide some quality, yet affordable Valentine’s day gifts under $100. We have included gifts that show that you have put some effort and care into choosing the right gift that not only suits the woman of your dreams, but also shows that you love, admire and respect her.

Glazed Rose Earrings in 24K Gold

blue earringsCombine the Valentine’s Day gifts of roses and jewelry into one stunning gift. Unique earrings created from real miniature red rose petals that have been crafted with extraordinary skill and trimmed with pure 24 karat gold and studded with sixteen radiant synthetic diamonds are presented in a sleek velvet pouch featuring a gold-trim & braided draw strings. This intricate set that takes three months to create is remarkable for being one of our Valentine’s Day gifts under $100, and with a lifetime warranty, you know you’re buying a quality piece that could become a family heirloom. Available in a range of colours, including blue, pink, purple and white.

Unique fragrance

A customised scent for your romantic partner is another of our affordable Valentine’s Day gifts under $100. Now, you don’t need to be a celebrity to have your own perfume, but she will certainly feel like one when you present her very own scent in a glass flacon embossed with her personalised label and logo. The process is online, simple and fast. Even though there are dozens of scents to choose from, you will be guided through so your beloved can have a scent she will love. First you choose a feminine fragrance that suits her character, for example sporty or elegant, then choose a favourite fragrance for example floral, fruity or oriental and then choose up to 6 matching fragrances from the recommended ones. If you are uncertain, you can follow one of the perfumeries recipe suggestions.

Take a pizza me, everywhere you go

Following on from the success of “Where Chef’s eat” comes the book specifically for pizza lovers. Over one thousand food experts and aficionados from around the world reveal their insider tips on finding a perfect slice of pizza. A fun book with quotes from chefs, critics and industry experts, your beloved will learn about secret ingredients, special sauces, and the quest for the perfect crust. The guide includes detailed city maps, reviews, key information and honest reviews of more than seventeen hundred international pizzerias, parlours, and pizza joints listed. For the woman who loves pizza almost as much as she loves you, this book will tell here where to visit, when to go, and what to order. It’s a great way to start planning your next vacations and date nights. Include a reservation at one of the pizzerias they recommend as part of your Valentine’s Day gift.

The best chocolates in the world

heart arrowedAffordable Valentine’s Day gifts under $100 include whimsical handmade, heart-shaped morsels, drenched in colorful chocolate coatings in red, white, milk and dark chocolate to create a romantic collection. Find an excellent chocolatier or order online to choose your lover’s favourite flavors. Be adventurous and add a few new taste sensations. Dark ganache beneath white chocolate. Vanilla bourbon caramels nestled inside smooth dark chocolate or surprise with a bergamot-infused ganache under a red colored chocolate. A truly delectable way to declare your affections, give your gift in a wooden box that she can keep mementos of your romance when the chocolates have been eaten.

Support International Artisans

Show your love for your significant other and your support for artisans by purchasing your Valentine’s Day gift from individuals at home and abroad. Buy a shawl that your beloved can wear to brighten an outfit or keep off the chill off the Valentine’s Day evening for those in the northern hemisphere. Peruvian artisans weave shawls that are soft, comfortable and are a pleasure to wear. Made from alpaca wool, fine cotton and silk, you’ll be sure to find something she’ll love.

Full body relaxation massage

A Valentine’s Day gift for under $100 that will benefit you both. Book your beloved into a relaxing and pampering experience at her favourite spa to help her recover from the stresses of daily life. A full body relaxation massage will restore the overall balance of the body and promote the smooth circulation of energies. Ideal for relieving accumulated stress, reducing muscle fatigue, and improving blood circulation, your Valentine will be left with a feeling of well-being, new energy and harmony. Book a double massage so that you can both enjoy the restored balance and vitality that comes from draining sore, aching muscles, leaving you both feeling entirely pampered.