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Handmade Roses/Flowers For Valentine’s Day

The history of giving your loved one Valentine’s Day flowers comes from the old-fashioned custom of sending floral bouquets to pass on non-verbal messages. Introduced in the eighteenth century by Charles II of Sweden, each flower had a specific meaning attached to it, making it possible to have an entire conversation using only flowers. Today, people continue to send flowers on special occasions or to express sentiments of love and admiration. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays to send flowers. The red rose is the traditional Valentine’s Day gift as it signifies both passionate and romantic love, but there are many other flowers that people send to communicate the different types of love they feel for those important people in their lives.
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Perfect Valentine’s day gift

Handmade flowers make for a perfect Valentine’s day gift. They can be accurate imitations of natural flowering plants or an artistic take on the real thing. Handmade flowers have been made over millenia. In Egypt, artists used painted linen and shavings from a stained horn. In ancient Rome, flowers were made from gold and silver, an art that continues to this day. Today, Harvard University has a collection of glass flowers that accurately portray the flora of the United States.

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Rose Dipped In
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From here to eternity

Handmade flowers are enjoyed for their everlasting qualities as well as the mix between a floral and an ornamental gift. Some Valentine’s day gifts, in the form of handmade flowers, are practical gifts such as those carved or moulded in soap. There are a multitude of other cheaper materials, including nylon netting stretched over wire frames, ground clay and silk that are used to make handmade flowers.

Fabric Valentine’s day roses

white cupidIf you want your Valentine’s Day gift to last longer than it takes for fresh blooms to fade, consider a handmade flower that can last forever, just as your love for her will never die. You can make your own home-made roses using polyester fabric in gelatine in order to stiffen it, then cut the fabric into the shape of the leaves and petals, draw on the leaves veins and form the petals into a bloom working from the centre outwards. Add to a wire stem coloured in green and add the rosebud on top. This makes a personal and therefore very special Valentine’s Day gift. If you prefer, you can buy quality handmade flowers from florists and online.

Precious metal Valentine’s day rose

To express the depths of your love for the special woman in your life, gift your beloved a rose that portrays not just your love, but your admiration and respect. A perfect natural rose blossom that has been picked at its peak of beauty, preserved and dipped in twenty-four karat gold, platinum or silver is a Valentine’s Day gift that cannot be surpassed. Other eternal natural roses can be glazed in an array of colors and trimmed with gold.

Paper Valentine’s day roses

To make a bespoke gift for your significant in the form of flowers, you can do so just using paper. Origami patterns for all flower shapes. Have fun creating a red paper rose to say “I love you” or two indicating an impending proposal of marriage, a dozen as you think of your beloved twelve months a year, two dozen for thinking of her twenty-four hours a day or if you’ve the time and patience, one hundred and eight red roses to say to her “Marry me”. You could also use paper from old books, colorful pages from old magazines or old music score sheets

Other handmade flowers and Valentine’s Day roses

white-earrings-anniversary-giftYou can also create handmade flowers with silk or clay, carve a rose from wood or be creative with any material. If your beloved has a sweet tooth, baked apple roses that taste a little like apple pie, but with more of a pastry twist are surprisingly easy to create and can be made ahead of time, with just a little bit of preparation if you want to combine home-made with handmade. A handmade, eternal gift is the ideal way to convey a message of love on the day it is given, and long into the future. A gift to be displayed in the home, kept as a treasured memento of your relationship across the years. Handmade flowers do not just have to be ornamental. Handmade jewellery also incorporates flowers whether in earrings, a pendent, bracelet or ring. Some even use preserve individual petals of a natural flower to recreate the bud in miniature form.

Flower customs around the world

Gifting flowers on Valentine’s day is a very common custom around the world. It is worth noting that in the majority of the countries around the world, odd numbers are considered to bring happiness and luck. So, if you’re wanting to gift flowers to someone from Russia, for example, gift an odd number in order to portray the true happiness. An even number of flowers are used only during sad occasions like funerals.