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Putting the Spin on Personalised Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Well guys, you’ve probably been spending countless hours researching your choice of Valentine’s gifts for her. You’ve looked at so many gift sites and suggestions and wandered through so many shops that the whole idea of buying a Valentine’s gift for her has got you bamboozled. Sometimes it’s better to look at a problem from the other side of the equation, and you’ll probably be left with fewer choices. Making the whole problem much simpler. So to start of let’s take a look at the Valentine’s gifts to be avoided.

Valentine’s Day Gifts You Should Avoid Like the Plague

valentine gifts to avoid
Well let’s start with the most obvious one – get her no gift at all. Definitely not the right course of action, if you want to stay in her good books. Or you don’t fancy spending Valentine’s night on the sofa. Not making any effort at all will make you look like an uncaring SOB. And if you’re really unlucky you’ll be looking for a new place to live, if you make the same mistake on more than one occasion. While some ladies may not be all that bothered about celebrating Valentine’s, there are plenty that are. Are you happy about risking that your wife or girlfriend fall into this camp? Better be on the safe side and make a bit of an effort, or you might be regretting it later on in the day.
So you’ve decided that something is better than nothing, but here’s a few hints on the type of gifts to steer clear of.

Special Valentine’s Gifts for Her

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Accessories for the Car

There’s no denying that your significant other loves her car, but buying her something she can use in it for Valentine’s Day? That’s a big fat no no! Fuzzy dice to hang from the mirror, or pink fluffy steering wheel cover definitely don’t count as romantic. Practical, yes. But that won’t be her idea of a great kind of gift. Why not buy her a pair of soft leather gloves instead? She’ll be able to keep her hands warm while driving, and you’ve shown that you care about how she feels.

Coupons or Vouchers

Unless you’ve made them yourself, and she can exchange them for certain favors from you, then this is an option that is better left for friends or relatives you don’t know very well. This kind of gift shows that you’ve put absolutely no thought into the whole Valentine’s gift idea. You might be able to redeem yourself if the gift voucher is for something like a manicure, massage or other beauty treatment, but otherwise leave well alone.

Thinking About a Book?

Hang on a minute we hear you cry… what on earth can be wrong with buying her a book? Not a lot, but it does really depend on the subject matter. Put yourself in her shoes, when she unwraps the latest self-help book, and think about what might run through her mind. Does he really think I need help? Isn’t he happy with me just the way I am? Yes she might have mentioned previously that she’s be interested in reading it, but giving it as a gift, is only going to remind her of any neurosis she needs to cure. A better kind of book to give her is a novel written by a favorite author, or a soft and soppy romance about love conquering all.

Don’t Get Her Something to Wear

If you’re completely confident you know her sizes, and what style she likes to wear, then go ahead. There’s nothing wrong with risking it for a biscuit as they say. But if you’re not 100% sure, you’re heading for a fall, big time. It’s a bit of a no win situation. Buy her something that’s too big, and she’ll think that you think she’s fatter than she is. Buy her something that’s a little on the small side, and she’ll think herself that she’s too fat. The chances of getting it right are on the slim side, so perhaps it’s not worth the risk. Why not buy her a subscription to her favorite fashion magazine instead?

A Vacuum Cleaner

Wow. Can’t believe you’d even contemplate this kind of gift. All she’s going to be able to think about if she unwraps this on Valentine’s morning, is all the housework and chores she has to do. A better idea would be to let her stay in bed, and you do all the housework for a change. Or give her the day off to spend relaxing in a spa, while you spend the day getting your home in order.

She’ll Feel Very Special with Personalised Valentine’s Gifts for Her

So we’ve already given you some hints about what not to buy. Let’s give a few suggestions for the kind of gifts you can.
Personalising anything will always make even the most humdrum of gifts truly outstanding. It could be personalised with your names, or some words that clearly indicate how much you love her. It’s really up to you.
Anything can be personalised, from jewelry and homeware, to photo albums, scrapbooks, bottles of wine and books.
Hopefully that’s enough to be getting on with, now it’s all down to you.