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Tips for Making the Next Valentine’s Day One of the Most Romantic Ever

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and romance is in the air – or at least it should be. TV, magazines, newspapers, online and High Street stores are full of ideas on how you can make the day special for your girlfriend, wife or sweetheart. Unfortunately for some of you out there romance can be a difficult emotion to evoke, so let’s offer a little help and advice. Don’t be embarrassed about needing a few pointers, everyone could do with a little help now and again.
Anyone who is in a long term relationship will readily agree that there is more to love than first meets the eye, and you will quickly drown in the sea of a relationship if you’re not prepared. The ideas we’re about to share are fairly general, but will help you come up with some ideas of your own, and guide you in finding the perfect Valentine’s gifts for her, romantic or otherwise.

It’s all in the Preparation

As with many things, the devil’s in the detail. Give yourself plenty of time to make the plans and preparation and it’s likely that things will go swimmingly. Leave everything until just a few days before the event and you’re bound to find yourself running around frantically, trying to book a dinner table when everywhere is already fully booked, and finding the perfect gift when all that’s left are chocolates and flowers. Allowing yourself plenty of time will turn an ordinary dinner date into something awesome. Having a plan in place, long before V Day arrives, will mean it’s much less stressful and worry free.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

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Work on the Finishing Touches

Once you’ve sorted out the big things such as dinner reservations, and buying an online gift, the next important thing to organise is the finishing touches. Sort out a Valentine’s day card, and spend a few minutes each day composing a love letter. You can also work on things such as:

  • Scented candles
  • Massage oils
  • Flowers and chocolates
  • Gift wrapping and presentation boxes
  • Romantic music
  • Gift basket items such as soap and perfumes

Make Something Using Your Own Two Hands

Leading up to Valentine’s Day the shops will be full of generic romantic Valentine gifts, but how about making something yourself? It’ll be truly unique, and completely individual. And you’ll be able to focus your efforts on something she’ll really like and appreciate.

Do You Dine Out or Eat at Home?

There’s both good and bad in either option, it really depends on the situation and person. A dinner cooked at home will be far more personal, leaving you lots of room to flex your culinary muscle. But if you’re a bit lacking in the cooking department it could just be a recipe for disaster. Eating out on the other hand will ensure that the meal is amazing and the atmosphere will be incredible, provided you choose the right restaurant of course. Whichever one you choose spare some thought for the food you’ll be eating, and the all important dessert. It’s likely that the dessert will be the most important part for your partner, as it’s a well known fact that women generally have a bit of a sweet tooth. Sugary foods also help in the release of certain pleasure chemicals in the brain.

Show Her You Can Scrub Up Rather Well

romantic valentines giftDoesn’t matter at what stage you are in your relationship, dressing up for the occasion will show her how much you care. Some consider dressing up as all part of the basic grooming ritual, but looking your best for her will show her that you care about how she regards you, and of course seeing you looking so handsome is bound to spark the passion.

Make a Day of It

Try and make a day of it, and spend some valuable quality time together. While going out for dinner could be a memorable occasion, spending time together and making plans for the whole day will be unforgettable. You can start the day off with breakfast in bed, and then look to enjoy some fun activities throughout the day, and finish off with a romantic dinner somewhere special. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and can be something as simple as sharing a picnic while out for a walk, or strolling hand in hand along the edge of the sea.

Set the Mood

Whatever you plan to take place during the day, it’s highly likely that the evening will end somewhere private and quiet. Either at your own home, or in a hotel room. So you’ll need to spend a bit of time thinking about how you can set the mood, and ensure that the day ends with a bang. Scented candles will provide romantic lighting and fill the room with heady scents. Other decorations will be needed too such as hearts, flowers, decorative pillows etc. Get things ready early, so that all you’ll have to do is make a few last minute adjustments, before your special person walks in.

It Doesn’t Have to End With Valentine’s Day

Showing your love for that special person in your life doesn’t have to happen on just one day a year. When you wake next morning try and continue your romance for many days into the future. If you’re lucky enough Valentine’s Day will fall on the weekend, and you can spend a couple of days relaxing and having fun together. Before you have to fall back into your regular routine of work, chores and family responsibilities.

We hope that these tips will act as a template that helps you find Valentine’s romantic gifts, and enjoy a day filled with love and romance. They are only meant to be used as a guideline, because everyone is different, and we all have our own likes, dislikes, tastes and dreams. Feel free to customise the ideas to suit the one you love this Valentine’s Day, and you’ll both have a great day.