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Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day And Night

Sugar and spice and all things nice helps to keep your love alive and Valentine’s day is the perfect time for you as a couple to spend time together. If you are wondering how you are going to spend the whole day with your beloved, here are some fun ways to spice up your day with bed games, toys, chocolate and champagne:

    1. Add a luxurious, romantic touch to your Valentine’s day with strawberries and champagne. Place just one berry in each flute and fill with champagne. When the flutes are empty, pick up your strawberry and seductively feed it to your partner.
    2. Blindfold your partner and feed them strawberries dipped in whipped cream or dip them in dark chocolate to double the aphrodisiac effect.
    3. There a number of card games you can play to spice up your love life. One of the easiest bed games are question cards that you can buy or create yourself. The questions will get you and your lover talking, including deep, thought-provoking topics regarding intimacy and your relationship, revealing hidden desires and fantasies or perhaps a game of the old favourities, “truth or dare” or an adult version of “Simon Says” which can be fun.
    4. A dice is not just a dull toy for counting. Buy special dice where one die typically lists body parts and the second die lists actions. You have to obey the dice or pay a penalty by having to strip or drink champagne if there is something you are not willing to do, like sucking toes.

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  • Blindfold your partner and have them lie back and relax. Take turns running mystery items up and down each other’s bodies. Use silky fabrics and toys in the mix and use your own body too. Make this one of your bed games and see where it takes you.
  • Twister is a game all about keeping your balance while stretching your body across the vinyl board to reach a spot of the right color. Instead of being out when you lose your balance, lose a piece of clothing to add to the fun. Eventually, you and your partner will become undressed as your bodies contort and press against each other.
  • The art of seduction is not about revealing all. For the women, wear something that will reveal all without showing anything. A thin T-shirt or plain white see-through shirt can be such a turn on for any man, whether you are in the bedroom or just hanging out at home during the day.
  • Take a pack of cards, with the turn of a card the colour will determine if the chocolate or other decadent treat you love, like strawberries soaked in champagne, lands on your body or in the blender.
  • Play checkers with a difference, as you lose a game piece, you lose an item of clothing.
  • The Kama Sutra Board Game can be bought online. The game promises to take you on a journey to ecstasy as you explore the sensual and intimate aspects of your partner’s body, mind, and spirit as you play.
  • Paint romance with chocolate, by having fun with creative finger-painting and body paints that you can buy or make up from kitchen ingredients, including whipped cream. Draw with your body or with toys. The sweet finale is washing the art off each other in the shower. Or try some candy jewelry, with rings so your beloved can eat out of the palm of your hand. Women can wear some candy necklaces too for extra fun.

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  • Get dressed up and act out a fantasy you have been wanting to try, liberate yourself from you inhibitions and let your imagination run.
  • Create gift coupons as your Valentine’s day gift. Surprise your partner with lots of spicy notes to prompt you into a night of fun and seduction. Which bed games and toys will they choose tonight?
  • Role playing is a game that is definitely fun and sexy. You can dress up as characters and try to convince each other to have sex.
  • Cuddle up next to each other or get in bed and cover yourselves completely so you are in the dark under the blanket. Kiss each other or start making out. But while doing that, take turns to ask each other sexy intimate questions about crushes, fetishes or favorite times.
  • Pick out your favorite erotic novel or collection of short stories and read out to each other, taking turns to play the lead characters. And each time one of you have to read out an erotic passage that involves touching or fondling body parts, read the action and do the exact same thing on your partner’s body.


If you want to spice up your Valentine’s day and night with any of the ideas above, create the romantic ambience with rose petals, tea lights, mood music and champagne.