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Day Tips to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Surprise

Another Valentine’s day has come around and you want to surprise your beloved in a way that beats all your previous Valentine’s day celebrations. Here we list our advice for the perfect Valentine’s day surprise for her/him, with organization tips that will help you plan for a perfect and memorable Valentine’s day:

Love quotes

This needs some time to plan, but it’s so worth it. Whether from his or her favorite poem or romantic comedy, both ladies and gentlemen adore receiving beautifully expressed words of love. Find a line you know your significant other loves and memorize it, then say it to them over dinner. Surprise them by writing a few of these lines on pieces of paper and slip one into her purse or his wallet, one into her coat pocket or maybe his gym bag. This gentle, loving surprise is sure to raise a smile, but our advice is to be sure to set a couple of nights aside to search for the perfect quotes online.

Recommended Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

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Plan an intimate dinner at home

Plan a delicious meal at home if you choose not to go out. Plan to prepare something that you both love to eat or have been wanting to try. Put a Valentine’s day spin on your favourite meal by adding champagne, oysters, chocolate or other aphrodisiac onto the menu. If you’re not used to spending time in the kitchen and it feels like a nightmare of planning, organization tips include searching online for a meal planner to find menus that suit your cooking experience. It won’t matter if the meal is simple, it’s the effort that you have taken, with love, to provide a romantic meal that will warm your beloved’s heart. Some apps will generate a shopping list for you too. If you’re not sure of the wine to serve with your meal, confused as to whether to go for a Pinot Noir or a Merlot for example, ask your local sommelier for their advice. Tell them your proposed menu and let them suggest the perfect pairing. Using these organization tips will gain the admiration of your lover.

Great conversation

Whilst it’s lovely to whisper sweet nothings to each other over your Valentine’s day celebrations, prepare yourself for some great conversation too, particularly if this is your first Valentine’s day as a couple. If you have a shared interest, our advice is to read up on latest developments, whether it be a new album from your favourite band, where pundits are predicting your sports team will be at the end of the season, current affairs or popular culture. While the meal may be great, if you do not have anything to talk about, the night may feel a bit awkward.

Let’s play the music

music and heartsSet the tone for the night with some beautiful music. Take some time to plan a play-list of music that is meaningful to you both as a couple. Our advise is to add music that was played at your marriage ceremony or your first dance at the reception. Add music that recalls inside jokes or choose an artist or a mood and let the internet create a play list for you. Our organization tips include creating a play-list long enough to cover the time when you’re cooking the dinner with the more personalised play-list for the dinner itself, so that you can reminisce and relive your memories.

Design a personalised card

Planning ahead will show your partner that you are thoughtful and that you are genuinely looking forward to celebrating the day with them. A simple message like, “Can’t wait to see you tonight, beautiful/handsome” will set their heart racing. You can order a card online through free downloads from a number of companies. You can email, text, tweet, Facebook, Instagram or snail mail personalized photo card from your smart-phone. Our advice is that sending a bespoke paper card is your most romantic option as it is a physical memento she or he can keep as a reminder of your love.

Send flowers to him and her

Another perfect Valentine’s day surprise for her/him is flowers. Although a little clichéd to send flowers to the woman on Valentine’s day, they are still well received, particularly if you remember her favourite flower or choose her favourite colors. Surprise the man in your life by sending him flowers. If a bouquet doesn’t feel right, consider a plant for his office or workspace. You can both enjoy a rosebush for your yard in the years ahead too. Don’t buy the flowers from the local garage or twenty-four hour store on the day, it shows that you haven’t put much thought into your choice. Show him how it’s done by planning the flower delivery to arrive in the morning, include chocolate-covered strawberries too. If you don’t live together, order flowers online in time for them to be delivered to you, so you can bring them to your significant other and get all the credit.