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A Valentine’s Day Surprise For Your Girlfriend

How to surprise your partner

Valentine’s Day is no surprise in itself, it happens every year on February 14. The celebration of love and romance is an opportunity for you to let your girlfriend know just how much she means to you. Whilst a traditional gift of a box of favourite chocolates or a bouquet of red roses are likely to be well received and are good ideas, make the day unforgettable with a Valentine’s Day surprise your girlfriend will never forget. Remember, surprises are more stimulating than pleasures that have been planned. Here are some other ideas, from a day of surprises to a memorable holiday.


A day of surprises

two presentsA Valentine’s day surprise requires some planning, but it is also great fun for you and your girlfriend. If you have booked a table at a restaurant or seats at her favourite sports teams match on the day, make it extra special for your beloved by asking the manager to place a love letter you have written onto her reserved seat. Add chocolates and flowers if you like. Your girlfriend will be amazed at the efforts you have made on her behalf. If you are not going out on the day, you can incorporate these ideas into your usual routine. Go for a walk in the park, ask friends or family to place your love letter, flowers and chocolates on a park bench and watch her face light up as she realises these are all for her. When you return home from your Valentine’s Day celebrations, surprise your girlfriend with the bedroom covered with rose petals and soft lighting. If you live together and you cannot prepare in advance, share your ideas with your friends, give them your keys and ask them to set it all up for you.

What a lovely bunch of coconuts

This is a unique Valentine’s day surprise. Send your girlfriend coconuts with heart-shaped chocolates inside the shell with a handwritten note saying something like “Here is some tender love and care for the only girl I am nuts about.” Your girlfriend will be very touched by your gesture and it will definitely make her Valentine’s day memorable.

Bait and switch

dinner tableTell your girlfriend that you have booked a dinner reservation. Keep the destination a surprise and book a restaurant that you know she will love, or that has special meaning to you, perhaps where you had your first dinner date. Create a Valentine’s day surprise by not telling her your after dinner ideas that include walking on to a hotel where you have a romantic night planned. Impress your beloved by planning all the details, including care for your children and pets. Secure the dinner reservations, pack an overnight bag for her and book the accommodation. Ask the hotel about any packages they might have to make your stay extra romantic. Personal touches such as favourite flowers and handwritten cards show your true dedication. You can drop those things off at the hotel the day before with instructions to lay them out in your room before you arrive.

Gift a getaway

This Valentine’s day surprise is a memorable holiday for your girlfriend. Whether it is an overnight stay, a long weekend or a major trip, plan it right and you will win her heart. Remember to give the trip your Valentine would want, not necessarily the one you would want. By putting her desires before your own, you’re showing her true affection. If she enjoys visiting art galleries plan a trip to a special exhibition at the Met in New York, the Louvre in Paris or the Uffizi in Florence. Once you decide on your destination, plan upgrades on your usual travel plans. Boutique hotels may be more romantic than a chain hotel. If budget allows, fly premium class, get a taxi to the airport instead of the bus, book a room with a view, a balcony to kiss on, and a king-size bed. Even if your getaway is a weekend in a romantic hideaway in your own town, you can make it special by taking control of all the arrangements. Put together a compilation of her favourite songs for when you get to the hotel that will help you relive some of the special moments of your relationship.

Food, glorious food

Surprise your girlfriend with a home-cooked meal that you have made while she has been at work. Ask a friend who knows how to cook to help you out if you’re not confident. This is a very romantic surprise if you are not usually seen in the kitchen. If you do not have the time to do this, bring in a meal from her favourite restaurant. A romantic picnic, in front of your own fireplace if you are in the northern hemisphere, is another of our romantic ideas you might like to try. Order a high-quality picnic basket complete with crockery, cutlery and drinking glasses. Fill the basket with her favourite drinks, cheese, fruit, snacks and chocolates or order a personalized basket online.