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A List Of Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” said Eleanor Glyn and that’s worth remembering for Valentine’s Day on February 14. Valentine’s Day gifts for women are a declaration of your love, devotion and care to your lover, so to help you choose wisely, we’ve prepared a list of the top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for women:

Memorable holiday

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Whisk your lover away on a surprise weekend in Paris for the ultimate extravagant Valentine’s gift for her. Prepare for the holiday with an advance Valentine’s gift for her of a clutch bag she can use on the journey, with the flight tickets stashed inside. Alternatively, consider a romantic night in a hotel in your nearest town. Make all the arrangement necessary for child-care and care of your pets as well as booking the hotel. Speak to the hotel concierge to see if they have any holiday packages you can add onto the booking to make it extra special, or arrange for the room to have candle-light, rose petals on the bed and a chilled bottle of champagne ready for your arrival.

Fine dining

Valentine’s Day gifts for women usually include a meal. If your lover hates the crowded restaurant scene on February 14 as much as you do, have a romantic dinner at home with your favourite meal bought in from the restaurant or create the meal together. Chocolates, strawberries, whipped cream and champagne all make for wonderful aphrodisiacs. Your gift for her can be some champagne glasses with a bottle of Moet which can lead to a memorable night.



Buy a bouquet of a dozen red roses or perhaps a gift of eternal roses in the form of a work of art or a photograph of a rose that suits her home décor. A bouquet made from her favourite chocolate snacks or drinks makes for an unusual table decoration. Alternatively, source or create a bouquet of rose blooms made from the pages of an old book. Use your imagination to find the everlasting roses she can display at home as a reminder of your everlasting love for her.

Get personal

Write a racy novel that includes you and your beloved. Online companies have romance novels that you can personalise with you and your loved one’s names to every page. You can choose mild to wild scenarios, leading to fun on Valentine’s night as lie in bed and read the story to each other.

A gift that keeps on giving

If your beloved is passionate about the plight of dolphins in Japan, concerned about access to clean water for families in developing countries or the unlawful detainment of individuals worldwide, make a donation in her name to the Worldwide Fund for Nature, Water Aid or Amnesty International. By donating to a cause your sweetheart particularly cares about shows that you have been paying attention to what she values and showing your support of those values too.

She’s classy

Your Valentine may have stopped some of her hobbies due to pressures of time. Show her that you remember where her passions lay and gift her a certificate for a series of classes. Enable her to take up this opportunity by taking care of the home (and children if you have them) at the times she’s on her course.

Who dares, wins

Experiences create memories that can be much more powerful that physical gifts. If your beloved is the daring type, make her dreams come true with a gift certificate for drag car racing, sky-diving or hot air ballooning. Plan to join her and make a weekend of it.

Be certifiable

Create your own gift certificates that she can “cash in” over the year. Include a head and neck massage, breakfast in bed, a lingering kiss, a lie-in on a Saturday and anything else you can think of that you know she will enjoy. Mix practical, with fun, with saucy! Search online for pre-printed certificates if you don’t want to create your own.


One of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts for women, jewelry will delight your beloved with its romance and beauty. Choose an item of jewelry that expresses the depths of your emotions for the special woman in your life that will convey to her your true intentions. Unless you are planning to propose, it is probably wise to choose a pendant, charm bracelet or earrings as a symbol of your love as your Valentine’s day gift for her.

Grow your love

Surprise your paramour with a feature or plant for your garden. Plant a fruit tree and watch it grow in your yard over time. In a few years you’ll be eating the produce as the tree matures and it will be a reminder of the Valentine’s Day the roots were placed in the ground and how strong the foundations are now, just like the two of you as a couple.