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Make the Day Memorable With Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Her

If you have a certain special someone, you’re likely looking forward to the upcoming Valentine’s Day with a touch of fear and dread. You understand that this day is meant for the exchanging of gifts, expressing your feelings and spending time together, but nevertheless the pressure to do something unique is piling up. Last year you ended up buying the usual Valentine’s fare of chocolates and roses, but this year you’re desperate to do something a little bit different. You’ve spent several hours looking at different online stores, and wandered up and down the high street, several Saturday’s in a row, but still haven’t found unique Valentine gifts for her that perfectly fit the bill. If you’re in this situation you’ll be please to know you’ve found yourself in the right place, because we’re here to help with some helpful hints and tips.

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

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A Simple Guide to Finding Your Valentine’s Unique Gifts

Decide how much you can sensibly spend

The size of your pocket will have a big influence on your gift, but you should bear in mind that some of the most heartfelt gifts will cost nothing at all. Cooking your girlfriend or wife dinner definitely won’t break the bank, neither will a quiet picnic sat on the beach watching the sun set.

Think About Their Interests

Your partners personality and interests will play a big part in the choosing of your gift. After all you don’t want to buy something that will sit in a drawer and never again see the light of day. If your wife never wears makeup, the latest trendy colour eye shadow will definitely not impress. What does she enjoy doing in her spare time? Does she love to curl up with the latest novel? Then why not consider buying her an ebook reader?

Get Some Help

unique valentines giftYour wife or girlfriend have probably got plenty of family or friends you can go to for a bit of helpful advice. Don’t be embarrassed that you’ve had to get some help. Just be proud that the gift you find will be memorable, and she’ll be wondering how you found out it was what she wanted.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

It’s not an ideal scenario, because most women would prefer to receive a surprise gift on Valentine’s, but on the other hand it’s much better to get something she likes. You don’t have to be direct in your questioning, if you want to keep things a little bit secret. Surely any kind of help will be better than none.

Examples of Some Unique V Day Gifts

Is your wife a music lover?

  • An autobiography of their favourite musician
  • Premium membership to Spotify
  • iTunes gift card
  • Concert tickets
  • Music magazine subscription

Is your girlfriend a sports lover?

  • Tickets to a championship game or match
  • Team memorabilia
  • Autobiography of a certain special sports star
  • A tour of their favourite team’s stadium

Does your partner love food?

  • Reservation for a top quality restaurant
  • Book written by her favourite chef
  • Bottle of wine and selection of cheeses
  • Cookery lessons
  • Cake decorating masterclass

Is your significant other half a bit of a bookworm?

  • A signed copy of her favourite book
  • An ebook reader
  • A gift card for an online bookstore
  • A day out that involves attending her favourite author’s latest book signing

Do they love the great outdoors?

  • The latest outdoor clothing or accessory
  • A pair of binoculars or a compass
  • Maps or guidebooks for a place they’ve always wanted to visit
  • Membership to a local rambling group

Try One of These Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is not just about giving and receiving gifts. The day of celebration of love and lovers is just as much about being romantic, sharing quality time and expressing your true feelings. If you’re wondering what you can do to make this day different than the 365 other days of the year, read on for some unique Valentine’s Day ideas…

Pretend Your Going Out on a First Date

If you think she’ll be up for it why not try this fun game. Imagine you’re heading out on a first date together, and try to act like this is true. Ask her lots of questions, be shy, talkative, joke about things and generally have a good time. Keep in the back of your mind the feelings you first felt for her when you first met.

Fill the Day with Surprises

You might need a little bit of help with this one, but while you’re out for a walk with your wife or girlfriend, get some mates to go to your home and fill it full of surprises. When you get back home you could find the bed covered in rose petals and the room lit with aromatic candles. Or maybe while you’re out for that walk you come across a box of chocolates and card left on a park bench. Surprisingly the card will be addressed to your partner.

A Gift Inside a Gift

Go out and buy 10 envelopes of different sizes and write 10 love notes, messages or poems. Place one in each of the envelopes and the envelopes inside one another, like the Russian doll, Matryoshka. Or you can do the same with different sized boxes. You don’t have to put a gift in each one, but the final box should contain the best gift you can find.

This is Why I Love You

Buy some coloured paper hearts or make some yourself, and write on them heartfelt messages and the reasons why your wife or girlfriend holds such a special place in your heart. Dot them around the house, some of them in not such obvious places, so that she can stumble across them throughout the day. You could make a bit of a game with it by putting clues on the back of the hearts to lead her on to the next surprise.

Don’t despair over Valentine’s Day gifts. As long as it comes from the heart your special someone will surely be impressed and touched by your thoughts and feelings. But don’t just save the fun for Valentine’s Day. Spread your love throughout the year.